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Katie Martz
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What I Do

brainlogoI am a certified Z-Health® Neural Performance Coach. Z-Health® is a brain-based approach to your health, wellness, and fitness. Improving the brain-body connection changes the way you feel, train, and ultimately, the way you live your life. Maps of your body live in your brain. Poor mapping can lead to poor mobility, decreased range of motion, bad balance, muscle weakness, and even pain. By improving those maps with targeted movements and balance and vision drills, you unlock unimagined potential.more-button


Pain Solutions

Recurrent, nagging injuries and chronic pain conditions deserve to be a thing of the past. What science now knows about the brain and its capability to rewire itself puts us much closer to that goal.more-button

Behavior Change

We all have habits we’d like to change and new ones we’d like to instill. If what you’ve tried hasn’t worked so far, let’s talk about coming up with a new individualized—and accountable—plan.more-button

Performance Coaching

Everyone is athletic in their own way, from keyboard athletes and weekend warriors to triathletes and weightlifters. Increase the quality of your vision, balance, and movement to improve performance in every area of your life.more-button


Hear from others...
  • “By the time I started working with Katie, I’d stopped exercising due to pain from plantar fasciitis. Dog walks, usually the highlight of my day, frequently ended in tears because my feet hurt so much. The podiatrist told me to come back when I was ready for cortisone shots. Katie spent a few hours with me, showing me simple drills and stretches and making sure I was performing them correctly. The almost immediate relief was incredible, and my continued improvement has made me a believer in Z-Health® (also known as science) and Katie’s ability to assess issues correctly and treat them effectively. She understands chronic pain and has sincere sympathy and respect for people living with it. Katie brings hope and humor to people who feel defeated by their bodies. I am exercising again, strength training, hiking with my dog, even running. It’s not too much to say that she’s given me my life back, and I can’t thank her enough.”
  • "One, two, three, four, five. And just that quickly, the pain in my hips was gone. I have slept pain-free the last two nights without meds. Thank you, Z-Health! Thank you, Katie! I went on a pretty hilly mile hike today. I would never have thought to attempt that three days ago!”